We work with you to identify and mitigate critical risks

We take matters of security seriously and have an excellent track record across all our locations. Our serviced offices and warehousing facilities have 24-hour, 7-day-a-week security monitoring. Our covert surveillance equipment and internal monitoring processes ensure that our customers’ stock is stored safely and securely.

We pride ourselves on our ability to look after your stock and treat each item as though it was our own. We ensure that all products are stored and distributed using the appropriate packaging and stickers (i.e. breakable, fragile) as required. We can work with any specific requirements needed to meet the expectations of your customers. We have built dedicated secure areas within our shared warehousing facilities to replicate our customers’ individual requirements such as controlled and recorded access and CCTV monitoring.

All stock held by Online Distribution at our warehousing facilities remains at the “owner’s risk”. This means it is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient insurance cover for your stock at all times.  We do hold a significant bailee’s insurance policy for any loss, damage or destruction of goods caused by our negligence.  We are very happy for your  insurer to inspect your stock at any of our warehouse locations to ensure you have appropriate cover at all times. A comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan is regularly updated and a copy can be made available by request

Let us help with your 3PL solutions

We take the time to listen, ask questions and really understand your business model before we work with you to design the most cost-effective and deliverable 3PL solution.

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