Technology - Online Distribution

Maximising your distribution potential through technology

Connecting with you – Integrating platforms

Our cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides clients with an accurate and real-time view of their inventory status and order activity. Tailored specifically to Online Distribution’s operations, our WMS ensures our operations are streamlined and productivity is enhanced. 

Integrations seamlessly transfer data bidirectionally between our clients’ platforms and our WMS. Our digital team can establish and test integrations with all leading platforms as well as provide ongoing support for your team. 

Our WMS allows us to: 

  • Enable systems-driven processes (I.e. Orders scanned multiple times for increased accuracy) 
  • Offer reporting and status updates on all stock movements  
  • Provide inventory management (Batch/Lot/Expiry Date Tracking) 
  • Prioritise inventory allocation (FIFO/FEFO etc) 
  • Enable full order management with direct EDI & API support  
  • Provide real-time inventory visibility  
  • Customised packing slips with your branding 
  • Utilise our TMS to verify delivery addresses to reduce error rates  
  • Automated milestone updates 
  • Real-time consignment tracking

Our Picking Technology allows you to focus on growing your business
  • Multiple order scans significantly reduce the likelihood of an error 
  • This in turn reduces queries from your customers  
  • Making sure your customer receives the right goods helps increase customer satisfaction as well as reduce churn and customer acquisition costs

Customer Service Desk & Query Management

Use our Customised Service Desk to get timely responses to queries.

  • Ticket based system allows for accountability, transparency & accuracy 
  • Reporting on our response times to ensure that your queries are resolved 

Complete Returns Management Services

Working together we can ensure you exceed your customers’ expectations by creating a returns solution that is simple for your customer and removes unnecessary waste.

  • Returns Authorisation management  
  • Collection and Replacement 
  • Restocking and Testing 
  • Customer Services 
  • Real-time Updates 
  • Product Recall Services 
  • Customer Services 

Let us help with your 3PL solutions

We take the time to listen, ask questions and really understand your business model before we work with you to design cost-effective and deliverable 3PL solutions.