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Trust your Inventory Management to Us

Effortless Warehousing Solutions from Online Distribution

Outsourcing your inventory management requirements is an excellent strategy regardless of the size or complexity of your business and product offering.

Best in Class Warehouse Management

Our cloud-hosted warehouse management system supports our operation with features including: 

  • Proven omni-channel fulfilment capability. 
  • Real-time inventory visibility for all client users. 
  • Multi-warehouse support for large and small facilities. 
  • Secure and customised user access. 
  • Industry best practice EDI integration enables stock receipt, order and shipping advice integration. 
  • Online access to reports – allowing authorised users to view real-time inventory status, shipment status, and consignment tracking information. 
  • SOC 2 Type II compliance for data security

This robust WMS can be easily integrated for complete visibility with our clients’ platforms.

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Uncompromising Security

We look after your inventory like it’s our own and employ a variety of security control measures throughout all warehouses for robust protection of your stock. These measures include: 

  • Access controls 
  • Security perimeter fencing 
  • Monitored security alarms 
  • Digital video surveillance 
  • After-hours security patrols 
  • Independent vulnerability audits  

Storage Integrity

Online Distribution is fully equipped to implement specific storage and distribution processes to meet your needs, including:

  • Pallet racked / shelf or mixed space to accommodate fluctuating volumes 
  • 47000 Pallet equivalent spaces across 9 fulfillment centres
  • System driven location data for fast retrieval of every item
  • A purpose-built facility  allowing for the safe storage of hazardous substances
  • Rodent and pest controls
  • MPI Food Safety certification
  • MPI Accredited Transitional Facility certification
  • MPI High Risk Accreditation


Rework & Value Add Services

Does your inventory need reworking or kitting? From promotional inserts and relabelling to barcoding and kitting, we will create a cost-effective solution. Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.