Fulfilment - Online Distribution

Online Distribution is New Zealand’s Leader in Fulfilment

Whatever your customers require, we will tailor an end to end solution to suit.

Platform Integrations:
Cost effective and fast integration with all major shopping carts & ERP platforms, means sales and order data flows between both parties seamlessly

Real-time Visibility:
View your customers orders and monitor your inventory in real time through our client portal.

Last-Mile Care:
Curate your customer’s delivery experience with personalised milestone notifications & delivery options.

Fast and Accurate Fulfilment:

Orders fulfilled and dispatched same-day with 99.99% first time accuracy.

Speed to Market:
Your inbound stock is accurately receipted within 24hrs, ready to dispatch from our strategically located fulfilment centres in Auckland & Christchurch.


A full suite of tailored solutions to facilitate easy customer returns.


Reduce cart abandonment and delight your customers with unbeatable local, domestic & international rates.


Timely responses from real people who understand your business.

Pallet Management:

Let us handle Chep movements to major retailers & distribution centres.

Freight, Transport & Last-Mile Care

We recognise that your customers delivery experience plays a major part in repeat business. Reduce customer churn and cart abandonment by providing seamless & tailored delivery options.

Our multi-channel distribution services are all about delivering the right solution for you with the most competitive rates available. Whether you are sending into home or large distribution networks, we can take care of your freight and transport needs.

Market Expertise:
Optimisation of your freight network for cost & delivery efficiency.

Leveraged purchasing volume:
Benefit from our bulk-buying freight and courier rates with multiple carriers.

Advanced Tracking:
Total visibility and secure access to track freight.

Tailored Solutions:
Flexibility to implement part or all our technology.

Complete Returns Management Services

Working together we can ensure you exceed your customers’ expectations by creating a returns solution that is simple for your customer and removes unnecessary waste.

  • Client branded returns portal
  • Returns authorisation
  • Collection and replacement
  • Restocking and testing
  • Real-time updates
  • Product recall management

MPI Accredited Transitional Facilities

All of our fulfilment centres are Accredited Transitional Facilities, meaning we are equipped to handle both domestic and international containers. Let us take the stress out of container devanning and get your product to your customers when they need it.


MPI Food Safety Certification

Based on the principles of HACCP and compliant with the Food Act 2014, this programme (National Programme 1) is in place across all Online Distribution fulfilment centres. NP1 is  designed to identify, control and manage hazards or other relevant factors to achieve safe and suitable food handling in a warehousing and distribution capacity.

We Pride Ourselves on Our Safety Focused Operations

At Online Distribution we know that it’s our people that make our company what it is. Our people’s wellbeing is always our first priority.

We promote a culture of safety – our work is never so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely. We are proud that our workplaces and people comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act, all statutory and regulatory standards, applicable Codes of Practice and industry best practice guidelines.

Some steps we take to keep our people safe are:

  • Identifying potential hazards and managing associated risks.
  • Communicating and engaging employees on health and safety matters that affect them.
  • Accurately reporting and recording health and safety goals.
  • Providing up to date safety guidelines for all contractors and visitors to our warehousing facilities.


  • Regularly training and upskilling our employees.
  • Dealing with any emergency that may arise in an efficient and controlled manner.
  • Providing access to a free confidential counselling service.
  • Providing health insurance for our permanent employees who have six months or more service.

Let our experts fulfil your brand promise.

We take the time to listen, ask questions and really understand your business model before we work with you to design the most cost-effective and deliverable 3PL solution.