The team at Online Distribution is committed to ensuring that it is a healthy and safe place to work.  We know that our business is as good as the people that work here.

We promote a culture of safety and embed the following within our values:

“To work safely. Our work is never so important that we cannot take the time to do it safely”

We ensure that our workplace and employees comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act, all statutory and regulatory standards, applicable Codes of Practice and industry “best practice” guidelines.

We have put in place effective systems for reducing the risk of personal injury, ill health or even death by:

  • identifying potential risks and managing those risks;
  • communicating and engaging employees on health and safety matters that affect them;
  • accurately reporting and recording our health and safety goals;
  • regularly training and upskilling our employees;
  • providing up to date safety guidelines for all contractors and visitors to our warehousing facilities;
  • dealing with any emergency that may arise in an efficient and controlled manner.


Online Distribution is accredited, certified or holds permits for all work we currently undertake. Our certifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Ministry for Primary Industries – Accredited Transitional Facilities in Auckland and Christchurch
  • Ministry for Primary Industries – High Risk Accreditation
  • Ministry for Primary Industries – Food Safety National Programme 1
  • Ministry of Health – Licence to sell Medicines by Wholesale
  • Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) – Workplace Safety Management Practice Secondary Level Accreditation
  • HSNO Approved Handlers (Multiple)
  • HSNO Location Certification


If your product requires any particular permit, licence, certification or accreditation that Online Distribution does not have, please contact us to discuss.

Let our expertise reduce risk for your organisation

We take compliance seriously and embed pragmatic solutions into our customers supply chain needs.

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