The critical first step to good inventory management practice

All Online Distribution locations are certified by MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) as “Approved Transitional Facilities” which are managed by “Accredited Persons“. This means that imported shipping containers or FCL (Full Container Load) freight can be safely and compliantly delivered to and destuffed/devanned on our sites. Online’s staff have MPI accreditation for opening and inspecting these sea containers to protect New Zealand’s vulnerable borders.

All inwards goods whether FCL or LCL (Less than Container Load) are carefully inspected, counted and reconciled prior to being placed on our shelves and loaded into the Warehouse Management System. Any anomalies in supply volumes or quality will be reported to you via an IGA process (Inwards Goods Advice). This process provides you with complete confidence that inventory received from your suppliers or customers has been received in full, and good order.

Let us improve accuracy from the very first step

Our team of passionate experts are ready to improve your inventory management today.

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