Fuel Surcharge (FAF and RUC)

Online Distribution operates a fuel surcharge on all freight rates. The fuel surcharge is made up of the Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF) and Road User Charges (RUC). This reflects the market approach and is seen as a fair and transparent means to recoup direct costs from significant and ongoing price fluctuations. The surcharge is calculated at the end of each month for the month following (current month’s fuel surcharge figures are presented on all invoices).

In the event of extraordinary fuel price movements during a month, the fuel surcharge may be adjusted upward or downward mid-month.

The charges invoiced by Online Distribution reflect the fuel surcharges applied by carriers. Carrier fuel surcharge information is provided below:

Freightways Group (includes Post Haste and NZ Couriers) – Click here

NZ Post Domestic and Express Click here

DHL ExpressClick here

All other carriers (calculated using table below) – MAY 2024 FUEL SURCHARGE – 19%

Road User Charge 0%
















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