Cushla Brown

Cushla joined Online Distribution as a school leaver in November 1995. Since then she has worked in a variety of roles for us. She began as an office junior then moved into one of our warehouses to ‘pick and pack’ and assist with stocktaking. She has assisted in all areas of our Support Office, organised functions, carried out supplier reviews, administered payroll, provided human resources support, as well as client customer service.

Her current role as Accounts Manager involves management of accounts receivable and payable, administering staff payroll, processing our company accounts and reporting to the management team. And in 2016, with the support of Online Distribution, Cushla started part-time study at Canterbury University.


  • What did you know about Online Distribution before you joined?
    • Absolutely nothing!  Online Distribution was a very small company when I started, with only 3 Christchurch warehouses and 8 staff – very different from where it is today.
  • How has Online Distribution supported your career?
    • My employers at Online Distribution have been very supportive throughout my career.  I have had 2 children since starting here and both times Online has been so accommodating and flexible, allowing me to alter my work life to suit my home commitments. As I started my job straight from school, I never had time to further my studies, which is something I have always wanted to do. Online Distribution fully supports and encourages this and I am now studying part-time at Canterbury University, with the end goal gaining a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting. I couldn’t do this without Online’s support and flexibility, which is something I have been hugely grateful for and believe sets them apart from many other companies.
  • What has been your biggest achievement working for Online Distribution to date?
    • I have had so many achievements over the years, it is hard to choose just one. However one that stands out would have to be completing and finalising our company accounts. This is a big job that provides a huge sense of achievement and relief when completed every year.
  • What do you enjoy most about working for Online Distribution?
    • It has to be the people. Online Distribution has such a great bunch of staff who make so easy to come to work every day. Even though the company has grown so much since I started, it still manages to maintain that close family feel, which is fantastic. The company must be doing something right if it can still keep me interested after so many years!


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