Keep our borders and your business clean

When it comes to the complex world of border protection and your legal responsibilities, compliance can quickly become a challenge for importers. That’s where we can help. We currently have 35 trained and accredited employees at six MPI Approved Transitional Facilities in Auckland and Christchurch.

Recent reviews of border protection legislation resulted in a number of changes including higher quality container pads, larger spaces between containers and larger container pad sizes. Complying with these new requirements can place a hefty operational and financial burden on businesses, for example annual fees, maintenance of container pads, pest control and administration. In April 2019 the Ministry introduced infringements for non-compliance, with dozens already issued.

Our network of fully-compliant third party distribution centres, our close working relationship with MPI and our in-house expertise provide our clients with complete peace of mind when it comes to import activities.

Online Distribution is extremely proud of our 35+ year unblemished MPI record in the protection of New Zealand’s borders against the risks posed by:

  • Live animals
  • Insects
  • Spiders
  • Other live contamination (plants, snails etc)
  • Fungi
  • Dead animals/animal products
  • Dead plants/ soil contamination
  • Inorganic contamination (stones, soil, plastic, cardboard etc)
  • Other contamination (water, grain, seed etc)
  • Non-wood and pressed wood packing

If you have concerns about your current operation and ability to comply, we are here to help.


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