Seasonal Operational Hours 2017/18

Please see below information relating to seasonal factors that may impact your business, and share these with your internal Teams/Departments as required.

Seasonal Freight Volumes

As seasonal freight volumes increase, we are focused on how our freight is managed, and therefore the service delivery through to our end customers.
There are a number of initiatives which we have implemented to ensure the best chance of avoiding delays over this critical period, such as:

  • Supplier analysis of departure times from all depots to all destinations
  • Co-ordination of additional collections from our warehouses, tied into the above
  • Online team prioritising orders to ensure earliest freight collections are achieved

Warehouse Operational Hours

 To assist with the planning through the holiday season for your business, please see tables below for the Northern and Southern Regions detailing warehouse operational hours.
Please let your Site Manager know if you have any queries. Alternatively, please contact Jim Coley or Jesse Strickland (Northern Regional office) and Tom Green or Martin Trouth (Southern Regional office).
Thank you for your co-operation throughout this period.


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