Do you want a stress-free storage solution to suit the changing needs of your business?

Managing your own warehousing facility can cause plenty of headaches.  It can be difficult to accurately predict the amount of warehouse space or staffing that your business will need throughout the year.  Your stock levels will likely fluctuate and your storage needs will vary from week to week or month to month.  These fluctuations can be expensive if you have fixed space, no space or staffing costs.

Whether you are a start-up just breaking into the market or a large company seeking new opportunities, outsourcing your warehousing requirements can be an excellent strategy.

Our modern, user-friendly warehouse inventory systems (WMS) track and monitor your stock and orders so that you don’t have to.  Your stock is verified and documented before it enters our warehouse and then allocated a tracking number. With real-time access and visibility of all warehouse information, you can feel confident that your stock is where it should be at all times.

We will provide safe and secure storage solutions for your stock, wherever you need it.

We can offer a choice of design-built warehousing facilities and other customised warehousing throughout New Zealand.  If we do not have the right storage solution for your goods, then we can lease a warehouse on your behalf.

You will only pay for the amount of space your stock actually occupies.  This saves you money, especially when stock levels and labour needs fall during non-peak seasons.

We understand how much time and resource it takes to run a warehouse efficiently. We want you to use that time to grow your business.

Let us help with your 3PL solutions

We take the time to listen, ask questions and really understand your business model before we work with you to design the most cost-effective and deliverable 3PL solution.

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