Hub and Flex Leasing – the new hot desking?

Five years ago, the new “it” way of working was hot desking – having a multi-purpose space for employees to collaborate with other team members, contractors and clients.  A great, flexible way to encourage cross pollination of ideas and concepts.  With the COVID-19 crisis taking hold around the world, this idea of a shared, floating and exposed space is no longer ideal.

COVID-19 has however showcased that the traditional corporate concept of all employees based at one permanent location isn’t necessary, and can increase the element of risk to your business.  If one person goes down, then potentially ALL could.

In a recent article, declared that many international CEO’s are rethinking their approach to their workforce office space arrangements, indicating that they are considering the move to multiple smaller, flexible spaces on short term lease agreements.  This allows them to be agile, reduce risk, and potentially make savings on expensive large office spaces in premium real estate locations.

Hub and flex leasing is gaining momentum in New Zealand as well, as more companies consolidate and evaluate their practices in the post-COVID environment.  Engaging in short term, flexible lease agreements is a way to bridge the gap between work-from-home and open office plans.

Online Distribution has a broad range of modern, turn-key spaces that are ideal for the hub and flex way of working available now.  Whether you are a solo operator, or multi-national corporate needing space for 50 people, there are options to suit.  Short term solutions?  Looking ahead to the future?  We can work with you to formulate a solution that works for you and your business.

Call Sam in our property team now on 021 311 790 to minimise risk, increase engagement and stay ahead with hub and flex leasing and Online Distribution.


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