Online Distribution provided a solution for L’Oreal by combining reverse logistics, freight management and expert customer service


When L’Oreal New Zealand launched a new brand to the market they wanted to offer complete peace of mind to their customers by way of a money-back guarantee contingent on the unused portion of the product being returned.



This was the first time that L’Oreal had offered a consumer money-back guarantee so there was no existing process in place.

Developing a model in collaboration with the client, Online Distribution was able to identify all communication, data capture, and logistical processing requirements. L’Oreal was then able to hand over a fully-scoped end-to-end reverse logistics process to the experts.



The benefits included managing all refund payments to and product retrieval from L’Oreal’s customers across New Zealand. A streamlined pick-up, return and disposal process completed the outsourced returns cycle.



This bespoke and cost-effective solution removed multiple pain points and ultimately provided peace of mind for both L’Oreal and their customers.


This project ran from February 2010 to March 2016.

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