Delivery changes to enhance the safety of our communities

We have been advised that some of our carriers (both courier and transport) are implementing measures to enable them to continue to offer essential services, while keeping their drivers and the public safe and connected.

While the overall risk of transmission of any virus is low in their day to day business operations, they have chosen to take prudent steps to limit close contact with others during this time. We welcome this move.

For deliveries requiring a signature to be captured (Signature Required), the new policy will see the driver knocking on the receiver’s door as usual and then stepping back two metres (or as far back as safe). They will wait for someone to come to the door to greet them as usual. The driver will then ask for the receiver’s name to record the POD (Proof of Delivery) and leave the parcel on the doorstep. The person receiving the consignment will not sign for the delivery, rather the driver will note the name of the receiver and sign their device themselves. If there isn’t anyone at the premises, then the standard processes will apply.

For deliveries which do not require a signature to be captured (Non-Signature), the same policy will be implemented as above except the driver will not need to sign the device. If there isn’t anyone at the premises, then the consignment will be left in a safe place at the address.

All POD (Proof of Delivery) information will be available online as usual (although the physical signature will be that of the driver rather than the receiver).

We do not anticipate this having any adverse effects on the customer experience. If you have any questions or concerns please contact is at [email protected].


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